I Pledge Allegiance to a Brand

Read: "I Pledge Allegiance to a Brand"

I Pledge Allegiance to a Brand

Brands create body language. A consumer picks up a box of Tylenol. A slight smile begins.  That headache is history. What happened? Repeated brand performance. Building an enduring bond between brand and user. Some brands just have that unique power that make us feel good about ourselves. They perform every time.

These are the brands we buy almost regardless of price. Their unique performance leads to a company’s ultimate goal, brand loyalty. It’s what every company wants. Brand-loyal consumers are also more likely to try out other products from the brand. Even when that product might cost more.

You can see brand loyalty in affluent neighborhoods. Whole Foods epitomizes brand loyalty.
It starts in their parking lot, where expensive electric cars can use free chargers. Walk into their market and the colors of the fresh picked fruit dazzle you. Not a grape is out of place. Every aisle is neat, well stocked, and appetizing. Shoppers here don’t mind paying more.  A lot more. Whole Foods doesn’t need to coupon. Brand loyalty is all.

Perhaps the best way to explain brand loyalty is highlighting the difference between the everyday customer and the brand loyal fan.

Businesses’ have to attract customers. Sometimes with coupons, sales, and clever commercials.
Brand loyal fans have been won over by performance, now they will come on their own.

Customers will give you their money.
Fans will give you their money and more importantly their heart.

Customers will always look for discounts and are mainly driven by price.
Fans will adopt you.  They will say things like “my Whole Foods”.

Customers complain.
Fans will forgive.

But most importantly customers will change.
Fans stay.

Fans are brand loyal and they will pledge allegiance to your brand.