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We create memorable brands and experiences. We appeal to all Five senses to generate lasting impact. Make your customers feel something with every ad, every piece of packaging, and with every moment they spend with your brand.

The Damien Harvey Group (DHG) is a responsive, bespoke, and experienced branding agency that helps your business scale to the next level. We work with brands who truly care about the experience they offer their customers and have a blast doing it.

Partnering with truly passionate brands empowers us to pour our heart and soul into every campaign we take part in. We feed off our client’s energy and use it to create messaging that strikes right to the heart of their customers.

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Your brand is the foundation on which your entire communications strategy and business are built. It is the very first thing your customers recognize, and it determines whether or not your target audience will choose you.

Our mission is to persuade, captivate, and engage your customers, sweeping them off their feet with a story they can’t help but connect with.

We inspire trust in your brand one customer at a time

“Damien and his team are responsive, proactive and bring great vision and energy to the brand."

- Louise Caldwell, North American President, Birkenstock Natural Skin Care

Why Work With DHG?

The collective experience that DHG brings to the table enables us to offer work on a national level. Flexible to your unique objectives and experienced to make sure we can deliver on our promises, DHG adheres to our philosophy that connection is the foundation for all success. Turn casual customers into brand warriors with help from our diverse and experienced team.

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