Storytelling, yeah, yeah, that’s the rage. That’s what’s hot.

But at dhg we go beyond storytelling by creating ways to communicate with your markets so the consumer can feel that they are part of your brand.

They want to build your brand equity. They choose to be stakeholders in your universe.

Why? Because you’re telling their story.

We have five senses. Let’s use them to get multiple views of the world.

Campaigns need to reach consumers on multiple levels. Your job: stay fresh in the market place. Our job: build brand value. Make your consumer a fan of your business. Consumers buy once. Fans buy all the time.

black claws on yellow panel
What do they think about you? How do they feel about you?
man and woman, man raising up mug of beer, illustration

What’s your brand image?

The human brain performs an amazing act when it chooses a brand. We’ll help that brain. By creating ways to strengthen, grow or if necessary, repair that image in the minds of your consumers.

Brands are bought for who they are as much as what they are.

Consumers know the difference between price and value. Do you have enough brand equity? Regardless of your answer, we all know that your strength is in your name and reputation. Our creative agency will help you strengthen your brands communications, its messages, its look and give it the right voice.

“We don’t need no stinking badges!” Well…actually we do. Lots of them.

Consumers become human billboards by the products they use, the things they read, the movies they watch and the places they go. Brands are their badges. Of course you always own the product. But consumers always own your brand.


You market and advertise for one reason: You are asking a consumer for permission to enter their story. Why? Because you can offer them value. It may be a service or product which will enhance their lives or a badge they can proudly wear. But to enter their story you have to be relevant. dhg is here to make your consumers into fans, so your product is their story and a part of their lives.

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