Brand Promises Made. Brand Promise Kept.

Read: Brand Promises Made. Brand Promise Kept.

Brand Promises Made. Brand Promise Kept.

Companies make products. Brands on the other hand are owned by the consumer. Your knowledge of a brand is the brand image. The more you like a brand, the greater the brand trust.

Take the iPhone for example. Apple spends millions of dollars in advertising so you will adore their brand.  The music is perfect. The images easy and persuasive. You understand everything. Nothing is vague.

But it’s not only brilliant commercials. Enter an Apple store.  Every product encounter builds trust in the brand. You touch the product; it’s built smooth and sleek. Feels good in your hand. Comes in variety of beautiful colors. So, you can find the one you like. If something goes wrong, this is where the after- sales service kicks in. You don’t have to go to a local repair shop. You come into a genius bar. You’re now a genius for owning an iPhone and brilliant when you fix it.

People come to conclusion about brands as a result of incalculable number of different stimuli. So, every brand actually lives a different life every day. The iPhone also builds its promise by its progressive parent company Apple. The leaders of Apple are high profile. They meet with presidents and world leaders.

The company has stellar ESG scores. This trust leverages an even greater brand promise:

Apple management are good people that make cutting edge gorgeous products.

This brand promise establishes an air of confidence, superiority and worth. Every time you use your iPhone it’s a brand promise well kept.