Our Process

This is how

DHG Works


We refine your brand, cultivating its uniqueness to give your customers a reason to pick up your product, share your social media post, or become a loyal customer.


We listen intently as you share your vision with us. Whether you want to make the world a better place by giving back to the environment or share a message of body positivity, we make sure your brand has the impact you want.


Building trust is a key ingredient in successful branding.  That trust starts with our connection to you. Our team is transparent with ideas, creative concepts, and strategies to ensure what we do seamlessly matches your vision.

We Discover

What is your vision? What does your brand stand for? How well does it communicate its core values? How do consumers feel about the brand? The discovery process is a crucial step in aligning your business goals to brand strategy and maximizing long-term success. Together we evaluate the brand image, communications, consumer perception, and competition.

We Analize

Before you can get to the business of creating or repositioning your brand, reimagining your logo, or designing your website, you need to know where you stand within the competitive landscape.

Asking “Who are we?” is not enough. It is equally as important to know who “they” are. A competitive analysis identifies your competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, gathers data on their products and services, and observe their marketing strategies.

We Define

What you create should accurately communicate who you are. We assist in defining your vision, your purpose, mission and  values.

A big part in articulating the core messaging of your brand is knowing that your identity isn’t shaped exclusively by what your brand wants to present, but it’s also informed by what your customers wants to engage with, or are accustomed to interacting with. If your identity doesn’t resonate with them, it won’t be effective. We’ll help you define your relationship with your target audience to create and energize engagement.

We Create

Once we have defined your brand’s mission and positioning strategy, we dive right into the process of creating a striking visual language to communicate your brand’s values in the most effective and impactful way. This is when we work on your logo, colors, typography, style guides, photography, packaging.

Our main focus is to make your brand truly unique, engaging and desirable in an ocean of similar competitors. We will persuade your customer to love your brand by articulating an attractive and coherent visual story.

We Coordinate

The process of managing all the minute aspects of a branding project can be intimidating. We clarify and simplify this process for you by managing all the various aspects of your particular project. From fashion and product photography to film production, packaging and printing,  we’ll coordinate vendors and production schedules to orchestrate a timely, successful and on-budget deployment of your brand across the channel mix.

We Refine

All the time spent in research, strategy, design, writing, revisions, and more revisions lead up to the moment of truth when the final product is ready to be finally be turned from concept to reality. With all this build-up and legwork, the last thing you want when the finish line is in sight is an unexpected technical problem or logistical hurdle.

We take one last long look at every aspect of the project to make sure all the multiple moving parts are coordinating and working well together. It’s complex and we get it done right.

We Roll Out Your Baby

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. All that dreaming, planning and hard work has finally concretized the moment your brand and your story become officially a tangible reality.

We orchestrate a impacting, comprehensive cross-channel media blast to announce the world you have arrived.

We Monitor

We Track, We Tweak

It doesn’t end when a delivery and a roll out. We have the ability to measure your brand’s health, and analyze how your customers buy and use your products, and what they think and feel about the brand. Tracking your brand highlights which initiatives work well, impacting sales positively, as well as identifying the ones that don’t, so they can be targeted and improved.

All shapes. All sizes.

Cohesive Branding from Start to Finish

Today’s branding and advertising also demand a deep knowledge of every social channel and platform available. DHG has the technology tools to offer you a helping hand in delivering powerful content that speaks to your audience. No matter the size of your project, we painstakingly develop cohesive, powerful identities from initial concepts to the successful deployment of  print, packaging and social media marketing strategies. Don’t stress about how to tell your story. We’ll  take care of that.

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We Build Business Through Meaningful Branding

By combining design, technology, and business strategy we create a unified story to engage your audience and drive your goals forward. Creating memorable experiences while delivering real impact, beauty, and the extraordinary is our purpose. Join us in changing the world with meaningful branding.

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Brand Building

In-depth analysis of marketplace and creation of concepts and strategies to ensure your  unique and lasting image in the marketplace.

Content Creation

Original video, imagery and writing across social media that appeal specifically to your target audience.

Digital Campaigns

Design and creation of dynamic, creative, and efficient programs on multiple platforms.


Highly experienced designers in illustration, layout, package design, digital display and print.


Award winning Producers and Directors in TV advertising, social video, radio advertising and multimedia creation.

Website Development

Extensive experience in the design, writing an development of traditional and e-commerce websites.