Author: Michelle Waggoner

Five Senses. Five ways to sell.

Five Senses. Five ways to sell.

Walk into a Nordstroms, Bloomingdales or any large department store. First floor beauty products everywhere. Stroll through, a brand ambassador intercepts you, gives you a sample of a fragrance. Open it up and your sense of smell drives you to purchase. What happened? Simple. An emotional connection has taken over...

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I Pledge Allegiance to a Brand

Brands create body language. A consumer picks up a box of Tylenol. A slight smile begins.  That headache is history. What happened? Repeated brand performance. Building an enduring bond between brand and user. Some brands just have that unique power that make us feel good about ourselves. They perform every...

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ESG for M.O.N.E.Y

Let’s start with a universal investing truth. ‘Everyone wants to make money.’ Through the years brokerage houses have been exploiting that need. Let’s go back to 1969. Many brokerages focused their equity marketing on an impact -called “Nifty Fifty.” This was the sure thing. The Nifty Fifty comprised the stocks of...