B2C Retail/Fashion



Casual elegance, handsome ruggedness and the active man

A strong beauty or fashion brand relies on forward thinking and varied perspectives. We seek and incorporate many points of view in our work — that of client, designer and audience. With our experience and rich background in retail branding and creative direction, we understand the finer details of developing a successful luxury brand.

In the case of Nashville’s based men’s apparel brand TRIM, the visual direction was dictated by the company’s main drive: to provide high quality, fashionable shirts especially tailored for active men with broader shoulders and slim waistlines.

Since these men face a daily challenge in finding shirts that fit their body type and sense of style, this gap in the market created a unique opportunity to supply an untapped audience.  And with that in mind we set to the task of building a look that needed to define the perfect balance of style, athletic fit and state-of-the-art fabrics. The result was a striking visual identity that projects a refined sense of masculinity and style.