dhg is made up of leading professionals in the creative communications industry. Guiding a staff of digital strategists, graphic designers, experts in market research and media buyers are two of advertising’s best: Damien Harvey, who has produced and directed over 1000 TV spots and Harold Kaplan, a longtime fixture on Madison Avenue and throughout the advertising industry, who has worked on some of the biggest brands in the world. Together, the people at the damien harvey group bring unique insights, energy, smart strategy and the highest value possible to our clients.

Damien Harvey

Damien Harvey


Over 30 years ago, Damien laced on a pair of boots and entered the world of commercial production as a grip. Working in Rochester, NY, Damien began as crew on 35mm commercial and corporate productions for Eastman Kodak, Xerox and Bausch and Lomb. Not too long after, he printed up business cards with the title “Producer” and hasn’t looked back.

As a producer, then creative and art director, Harvey led agencies in the Rochester area, which specialized in commercial production and multimedia. During that period, Damien won numerous national awards for advertising and production excellence.

In 2003, Harvey was hired by a consulting firm in Washington, DC as a Senior Producer in charge of political and issue advertising. That association blossomed into a 14-year stay in DC that has seen Damien produce over 1000 TV commercials, produce multimedia communications in Baghdad, Iraq for the U.S. State Department and create television and web production for over 20 national associations and organizations.

Today, Damien is the President and Creative Director for the damien harvey group — an eclectic group of seasoned advertising professionals who know that an ad agency’s only purpose is to provide its clients with intuitive and creative messaging.

Growth through creative and captivating communications is the number one objective that we have for our clients. Nothing else matters. If we can achieve that every time we create a television commercial, web video, print or radio spot or any of the countless messaging types on social media, we all succeed.

Harold Kaplan



Harold  joined Young & Rubicam New York in 1976 as a junior copywriter on Eastern Airlines.  He liked it so much he didn’t leave for 28 years. In those years, Harold worked on virtually every business in Y&R’s New York office. He also won every major industry award. Art Directors gold medal/ Jell-O Pudding ANDY awards for Eastern and Anbesol.an EFFIE for the U.S. Army and the Census.

Harold has extensive experience on pharmaceuticals, government affairs, soft drinks and politics.  He helped launch Advil, and stayed on as creative director for seven years. Under his tenure Advil went from a 2% share of market to an 11% share of market. Harold twice pitched and won the U.S. Army account on which he was the  creative director and created the brand personality and creative format that the Army still uses today. Harold was also instrumental in the creative direction leading campaigns for Tamiflu, Aventis, Band Aids, Anbesol, Dr. Pepper and the U.S Census.

Among Harold’s’ credits are the lyrics he has written for Garth Brooks, The Black Eyed Peas and Smokey Robinson.

Walter Shapiro in USA Today called Harold’s work for the U.S. Census, the last great campaign of the century. This campaign was built and launched from scratch and was so successful that it saved the government over 300 million dollars.

Today dhg can say how proud we are to have Harold as a senior writer and creative director. His breadth and scope are only matched by his upbeat personality and his genuine desire to help our clients grow and succeed.