What We Do

Memorable brands and experiences

We appeal to all 5 senses to create a lasting impact for your brand. Make your customers feel something with every ad, every piece of packaging, and with every moment they spend with your brand. The possibilities are endless, and we explore every one of them.
Creating this brand experience in your customers life is the primary goal of any dhg campaign. We design, strategize and implement approaches that create meaningful connections between your  brand and your customers. Ultimately, a dhg campaign is more than just promoting a certain product to a passive audience, it is the execution of a comprehensive plan which activates your customers to engage with your brand’s identity and its core values


We understand that there’s just something viscerally different about participating in a way that allows you to be part of something as opposed to merely witnessing it. When this experiential approach is applied to the marketing of your brand, the unique combination of sights, sounds, textures, tastes and smells all add up to create a personal experience that leaves an indelible mark.

For any brand, this type of experiential marketing is a golden opportunity to drastically increase their brand awareness and exposure, either through turning their audience into brand ambassadors or encouraging participants to share their experience on social media.


Five Senses

We believe that identity extends to all senses by giving the greatest attention to the photographic, editorial, sound and motion elements, imperative in the digital and social branding era. Today, more than ever, the whole concept must be painstakingly coherent.

Striking visual design is at the heart of all of our group’s disciplines. Whether it is in the design of a visual identity or an event campaign, we consider it to be at the center of our approach. We take into account all current or future media, erasing the boundaries between print and digital, between video and augmented reality. Our design team develops each element methodically and is thus involved in all deliverables.


Emotional Value

We create emotional connections between people and the brands they choose to be part of their lives. We come up with the strategy, the positioning, the branding, the names.

You market and advertise for one reason: You are asking a consumer for permission to enter their story. Why? Because you can offer them value. It may be a service or product which will enhance their lives or a badge they can proudly wear.  But to enter their story you have to be relevant. Making and keeping you relevant is why dhg is here.