A Fresh New Branding and Design Agency for the Beauty Industry

A Fresh New Branding and Design Agency for the Beauty Industry

We know that as an entrepreneur your 2021 list of goals must already be a mile long- especially after the unexpected challenges the whole world faced in 2020. Because of that, we have one very important suggestion to make : make it a goal to revisit your brand one more time and study where it is, how it got there and where it needs to be. This introspection is essential since it maintains your brand’s messaging consistency and provides the framework for all business, marketing, and branding decisions. It keeps you energized and moving forward. That’s something we’re very serious about.

With many success stories under our belts, at dhg we design, strategize and implement approaches that create meaningful connections between you and your customer. Our campaigns are much more than just pushing products to passive audiences, they are the execution of a comprehensive, knowledge-based and multi-channel plan which activates your customer base to engage at all levels with your brand and the core values that drive it.

We love to work with businesses who truly care about the experience they offer their customers and have a blast doing it. If you’re ready to dive deeper into the possibilities of elevating your brand or have questions about how we can help you, let’s chat about it!

Experiential Beauty & Augmented Reality

These are exciting times! There’s just something viscerally different about participating in a way that allows you to be part of something as opposed to merely witnessing it. Armed with latest technology innovations in Augmented and Virtual Reality, at DHG we develop much higher levels of product interactivity and personal engagement- now exclusively aimed at the fashion and beauty industries. Adding these cutting-edge technologies to the traditional marketing mix of your business results in a unique combination of sights, sounds, textures, tastes and smells that leaves an indelible mark in your audience, enhancing their experience and ultimately growing your brand.

For any brand, this type of experiential marketing is a golden opportunity to drastically increase their awareness and exposure, either through turning their audience into brand ambassadors or encouraging participants to share their experience on social media

dhg has partnered with leaders in AR and VR development to offer beauty brands the opportunity to on-board to the future of marketing and advertising. Experiential marketing through AR is a golden opportunity to drastically increase your brand awareness and exposure by allowing your customers to physically experience your brand anytime, anywhere. Visit www.dhg.world to learn more.

Ignite Beauty Strategy

dhg is thrilled to be a collaborative partner with Louise Caldwell, Founder and CEO of Ignite Beauty Strategy. In January of 2021, Ignite tapped dhg to refresh the Ignite brand in preparation of their April launch. Along with highlighting Louise Caldwell’s involvement with some of the world’s top cosmetic brands, the focus was to communicate Ignites systematic approach for any sized brand to successfully navigate the beauty industry. The result is a vibrant, exciting, branding re-fresh which included the creation of a new logo and website that beautifully frames the Ignite vision.

Birkenstock Natural Skin Care
In November 2020, Birkenstock Natural Skin Care engaged dhg to produce a table top shoot of several of its natural skincare products for the holiday season. And to shake things up, dhg also presented several new and fresh concepts for their 2021 digital campaigns.