House Of Dear (HOD)

House Of Dear (HOD)

An Exciting Challenger Brand Chooses dhg

The Damien Harvey Group is pleased to announce a new social media and marketing relationship with challenger brand House of Dear, a premier hair salon and manufacturer of House of Dear shampoos and hair revitalizers located in Dallas, TX.

Holly Dear, founder and head stylist at House of Dear had been looking to refresh the HOD brand and boost sales of their haircare product line while introducing two new sexual wellness products. She tapped dhg after learning about the agency at Beauty Independent.

“We felt that our marketing was not expressing the energy and vitality that is our true brand identity. When we did a search of some of the vendors on Beauty Independent, we found dhg. They seemed to have the style and creative direction that fit perfectly with where I think our brand needs to be”, said Holly Dear.

dhg designed Facebook and Instagram Posts for House of Dear

HOD: The Challenger Brand
House of Dear represents the true essence of what modern marketers are calling a “challenger brand”. For those of you not familiar with the term, we define challenger brand as a mindset. “A challenger brand has business ambitions bigger than its conventional resources, and is prepared to do something bold” says dhg CEO Damien Harvey.

“We see House of Dear as an exciting collection of entrepreneurs, and stylists who are not necessarily new to the market but have two distinct advantages. First, HOD has a company culture willing to share its belief in mission, vision and shared values for success with its customers. And second, HOD has the mission-driven desire to expand the categories of hair care and sexual wellness through product development an innovation. Rather than me versus you; it’s about me versus the category, the industry and the expectations of what customer experience feels like.” Say’s Randy Rodriguez, Director of Brand Strategy and Design at dhg.

Purpose Driven Social Media
The upcoming months will see a dramatic increase in House of Dear’s social postings. The purpose driven social media campaign will be designed to educate and inform followers of the HOD brand and increase sales of HOD haircare products through its ecommerce website and Amazon product page.

We invite you to contact The Damien Harvey Group to learn more about ways you can increase awareness and sales, refresh your brand identity or learn valuable marketing tips as you enter the highly competitive world of the health and beauty market.

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