Spirit Club Foundation

Ever Dreamed

An awareness campaign about personal care – created by the damien harvey group

dhg is proud to announce its association with the Spirit Club Foundation (SCF) located in Bethesda Maryland and the debut of the “Ever Dreamed” messaging and awareness campaign. SCF is a not-for-profit organization whose goal is to create Health Equity, by providing physical fitness resources in the same quantity and quality for the disabled that’s available to everyone.

In August 2017 Spirit Club Foundation Chairman Steve Allen asked dhg to work with the Foundation to develop a new Mission Statement, Foundation slogan and a branding campaign to increase awareness of the organization in the Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland region. The goal of the new campaign was to expose the incredible work that SCF does on a daily basis and shed light on some of the courageous members who use the facilities.

In mid-October, dhg produced a photo shoot at the beautiful Spirit Club fitness facility in Kensington, MD where numerous members with emotional and physical disabilities participated in exercise classes. We took many photos and had many ‘keepers’, but we had to agree on just four.

New SCF Slogan:
“Finding the abilities within disabilities”

New SCF Mission Statement:
Walk, run, jump, play and smile. New worlds open up when people with disabilities get to a gym. It’s where they can overcome obesity and improve physical impairments, while socializing with new friends. The Spirit Club Foundation, a non-profit organization, gives them this opportunity. We ensure that people with disabilities and other health-related challenges, have a welcoming place to exercise and learn about nutrition. Our goal: To create Health Equity by providing physical fitness resources in the same quantity and quality for the disabled that’s available to everyone.

The campaign entitled “Ever Dreamed” features four SCF members who live with Autism or Down’s syndrome. Witnessing their spirit and joy was breath taking and the individual care that the Foundations personal trainers gave to each member throughout the day left the dhg team proud for having partnered with such important work.

The Ever Dreamed campaign which will run from November 2017 through all of 2018, will be released to donors, the media and the public through the Foundations newsletter and several social media platforms.

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