Dollar Roadside

One Buck Gets You Unstuck

“One Buck Gets You Unstuck” a dhg campaign that takes a bite out of AAA

dhg is in development of a new campaign for Dollar Roadside. The print and digital campaign titled “One Buck Gets You Unstuck” was written by dhg’s Harold Kaplan with art direction from Creative Director, Damien Harvey.

The mission of Dollar Roadside is to provide quick, affordable and safe roadside assistance to people who experience automotive breakdowns while driving or even parked in their own garage. Connected through a national network of tow trucks at over 10,000 locations, tapping the Dollar Roadside app can get a stranded driver the service they need 20% faster than AAA. You can learn more about the roadside transporation at

The Dollar Roadside campaign is focused on energy, humor and a little sarcasm aimed at the big guy on the roadside assistance block… AAA.

We’ll keep you posted.

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