American Energy

The Energy Explorer

An energy campaign that beat 11 other ad agencies – created by the damien harvey group

An Optimization Study – For Energy

The survey explored ways to optimize dhg’s creative treatments to find the best holistic messaging for an energy literacy campaign featuring Oil, Coal and Natural Gas.

450 participants from a total of 7 states (4 states with energy deregulation).

The goal: Understand from key markets what positive message, benefits and visuals resonate with their targeted audience.

The Results

“All concepts were seen as New & Different, Relevant, Eye-Catching, Credible”

Comprehensive research conducted for a Public Policy Energy Institute
demonstrated the importance to buy American.

Participants gravitated towards pro-American headlines like American Energy and American Natural Resources.

Claims that describe the tangible and emotional benefits of energy Optimize more often-specifically:

1) “Energy enables the farmer to grow and harvest the food we share with family and friends”

2) “Energy is behind many of life’s special moments”

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