Westbrook Outlets
Web Design

Shopping By the Sea

Located in Westbrook Connecticut on the North Shore of Long Island Sound, Westbrook Outlets is a shopping destination for travelers along Interstate 95 and the millions who live in the region. The vibe of Westbrook Ct. is a small town, beachy, quaint. As Agency of Record, dhg has been developing a look and style that captures this East Coast feeling in a series of highly successful campaigns that have raised awareness and the Outlets’ bottom line.

On-Site 22 x 28” Posters

“The Colors of Westbrook”
Television: 30 Sec

Westbrook Outlets collateral samples written and designed by dhg

4 Fold Customer Coupon Book

14 Page Leasing Brochure

3 Fold Shoppers Brochure & Directory


Westbrook Outlets

Director of Design

Damien Harvey

Working Team

Harold Kaplan, Dave Landis, Lisa Wagner

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