Augmented Reality- Your Imagination Is The Limit

Augmented Reality- Your Imagination Is The Limit

Augmented Reality- Merging the Digital With The Physical
Augmented Reality is the future of retail marketing and now it’s the time for the beauty industry to jump on board. AR is a hot trend, and the technology fits seamlessly into the lifestyle of the beauty consumer and product delivery system of the beauty retailer.

2020 was the tipping point for digital delivery in retail. Lock downs forced consumers to explore new products and shop digitally out of necessity. Consumers who were on the fence with mobile and internet commerce became digital-retail experts. Now as we move towards normalcy, that digital acceptance on the part of most shoppers is the new paradigm. In other words, your customers (of all ages) are ready and willing to accept digital messaging.

Enter Affordable and Available Augmented Reality.
What is AR? Through your favorite electronic device such as a tablet or a smartphone, augmented reality allows you to overlay virtual media into the physical world in a way that makes it seem like the content is physically there. It literally pops out! From virtual try-ons of make-up, sunglasses, etc. to fun and quirky social media gags, your imagination is the limit on how you can apply this novel technology. And that’s the beauty of AR as it relates to the beauty industry. Now we can provide product demonstrations and information directly to individual consumers while retaining valuable consumer information in a seamless exchange at anytime, anywhere there is an internet connection. And thanks to recent improvements in wireless and AR technology, utilizing this exciting new technology is more affordable than ever. Reach out to dhg to learn more.

Create Brand Warriors- Win Permission to Enter Their Lives
The ultimate goal of any campaign is to have your consumer become your brand advocate. People will always consider a recommendation from a trusted friend over a generic advertising message. But to achieve this goal how do you create that brand advocate? The answer: to create messaging relevant to them, that inspires, uplifts, and has the power to stir emotion and unleash strings of positive associations. By getting to know your target customer intimately and understanding what she wants and needs, what makes her tick inside, you can craft stories and create brand narratives that reflect the values that you both share. The relationship, brand-consumer, becomes then a dialogue, an ongoing conversation about shared commonalities rather than a typical purchase transaction. Good friends like visiting frequently and enjoy each other, just like loyal customers like to indulge in their favorite brands at every opportunity they get. We believe strongly that this is one of the most powerful indicators of a brand’s success.

Brand “Why does that look so good?”
One of the most exciting and satisfying aspects of bringing your products to market is to engage full on in the creative process. Logo, colors, typography, style guides, photography, packaging, the list is long. Once your brand’s mission and positioning strategy is defined, you dive right into the process of developing a striking visual language to communicate your brand’s values in the most effective and impactful way. Our team of creative directors, producers, graphic designers, writers, and account supervisors work tirelessly to make sure that the visual identity of your product is in sync with your vision. The focus is to make your brand truly unique, engaging and desirable among many similar competitors. You persuade your customer to love your brand by articulating an attractive and coherent visual story.

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